Electrolux presents the new CombiSteam range


Responding to the modern needs of consumers, Electrolux proposes a new full range of CombiSteam combined ovens to offer people professional cooking technics at home. The company ovens collection features many functions, such as the PlusSteam ventilated cooking option, that automatically adds a steam touch at the right time, ideal, for example, to prepare bread. The correct combination between steam and ventilated hot air ensures to cook meat in the optimal way, also thanks to the FoodProbe, which constantly detects the temperature inside the oven avoiding uncooked foods. In addition, with the CombiSteam Pro oven is also possible to choose the SousVide cooking that uses low temperatures and vacuum, avoiding the contact of food with water, that makes it possible to make healthy dishes without the use of fats, oils or excessive condiments.