Oceano, the new hood by Falmec


Falmec launches Oceano, the new kitchen hood of the E.ion System which, through the controlled bipolar ionization, eliminates bad odors up to 95% and all those polluting and irritating agents such as bacteria, dust, harmful fumes, exhaust gases and chemical substances of the cleaning products for the home. Oceano ensures optimal performance both in the odor filtration and in sanitizing the environments. Geometric purity, minimalism and contemporaneity are the aesthetic prerogatives of this hood that achieves a much wider suction surface.
Like all other solutions with E.ion System technology – Mare, Spring, Zephiro, Marilyn, Lumière, Eolo, Twister, Rubik and Libra – even Oceano is characterized by a leaf-shaped sensor – become the recognizable symbol of the collection – which detects the presence of ‘enemies’ agents.
The leaf measures the quality of domestic air through the change of the sensor color, which gradually converts from yellow to green, thus signaling the restoration of a healthy and purified environment. The process of ‘rebalancing’ occurs automatically: when the air quality becomes worse, the ionization system is reactivated by itself.