Gaggenau expands its appliances for professional cooking


The Gaggenau CI 292/282 flex induction cooktops are the new proposals of the brand that bring professional cooking at home. They are available in widths of 30 and 36 inches and are equipped with either one or two flex induction cooking zones, with or without a stainless steel frame for flush or surface mounting. Great precision, fast and flexible cooking paired with low energy consumption are the main features of Gaggenau’s new flex induction cooktops, that also ensure new functions that allow the free positioning of cookware and temperature regulation within different heat areas. Additional features include a frying sensor, which gradually increases the heat from gentler frying, and a Teppan Yaki plate, allowing for direct heat transfer. The innovative display and Twist-Pad control, with a removable magnetic knobs, is easy and intuitive to use. Its purist design allows for the flex induction cooktops to be flush or surfacemounted. Moreovere, distinct cooking areas can be controlled individually or combined at the touch of a button, providing a vastly enlarged cooking surface perfect for large items such as the cast iron roaster and the Teppan Yaki plate accessory.
The frying sensor function ensures healthier, improved frying results by keeping the food at a constant temperature and eliminating the risk of burnt fat during browning. Specially designed for pots and pans, the cooktop’s two booster functions briefly raise power above the maximum setting, allowing for searing or the rapid heating of large quantities of liquid.