Maminicuisine presents the Hi-Macs version


Compact, functional and with a linear style, Maminicuisine is the micro kitchen for small home environments or dining areas in the offices and common areas. Created in France by craftsman Felix Hegenbart, it is now available also in Hi-Macs, in two sizes, 120 cm and 180 cm, offering any comforts of larger kitchens. The model helps the cook in all steps of meal preparation, food storage, cooking and dishwashing. Hi-Macs is a natural Acrylic stone, that allowed to create a solid surface, resistant to scratches, stains and very hygienic, because it has no pores on it. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Maminicuisine is available with top in White (Alpine White) or Black (Cima) Hi-Macs and with vertical surfaces in walnut, oak, white or black lacquered but – on request – it is also possible to ask a personalized version.