GfK: consumers want more time and experience


Many sector have to face this new dimension. We are no more in the possession era. People now want time and experience. GfK confirms it in a new report about people attitude concerning time, money, experience and possession. Involving 22,000 respondents across 17 countries, it emerged that three out of ten people (31 percent) firmly prefer to have more time than more money compared to only nine percent firmly disagree with that. This results to be more evident especially for people in China (41 percent), Brazil (37 percent) and Argentina (32 percent). Comparison between experience and possession is very important when companies propose new products because, as widely shown by smartphone incredible boom, is more and more visible that experience is becoming more important than the mere possession of an object not able to transmit emotions. According to GfK study, over four out of ten (44 percent) firmly believe that experiences are more important than possession – compared to just three percent who firmly disagree with that. Agreement with experiences being more important than possessions is highest in Mexico (57 percent), Argentina and the USA (both 53 percent). So products should ensure good experience and also the purchase journey must give emotions to consumer. Offer in home appliances sector reflect this trends and this is way consumers appreciate it: many appliances are engineered to save time and this explains the good results of new dryers, of the robotic vacuum cleaners and of the oven with many pre-set programs. The same success is recorded by smart TVs and connected devices able to offer new experience at home.