Red Dot Award for Kärcher


The floor cleaner FC 5 by Kärcher received the Red Dot Award for design excellence. This device makes cleaning home much easier as it vacuums and wipes in a single pass. It has two high-speed rotating microfibre rollers, which are moistened continuously with a detergent solution, loosening the dirt and picking it up off the floor. Compared to the classic mop, the FC 5 always cleans the floor with clean rollers and fresh water. A further advantage is that the dirty vacuumed liquid is drawn into a separate tank, which can simply be emptied after cleaning. Moreover FC 5 is also environment friendly because with its system operation, it not only saves time, but water too, compared to a conventional wiping mop.
«High functionality coupled with uncomplicated, intuitive operation play a key role in the design of our devices – says Michael Meyer, Head of Industrial Design for Home & Garden products at Kärcher. – This award-winning floor cleaner impresses with numerous details. The slim design of the device is emphasized by a vertical aluminum profile, which extends over the fresh water tank all the way down to the cleaning head. Cleaning rollers or water tanks are easy to access and can be removed and fitted easily after use.»