Iconic Fridge, a new icon by KitchenAid


KitchenAid presents Iconic Fridge, an innovative refrigerator with high-technology functions but design inspired to the historical Artisan Kitchen Robot. Shapes and components remind this famous small appliance of the company. The Iconic Fridge, in fact, features chromed handle and details that instantly make people think to the KitchenAid world. The product is available in three colors: imperial red, cream white and onyx black. Inside it is lit uniformly by low power Led lights and has steel tempered glass shelves that contribute to a better organization of food. Moreover, it is easy to use and presents electronic controls and a clear and intuitive touch interface. But Iconic Fridge is also silent, ensures energy efficiency being in A++ class and allows to preserve food for a longer time thanks to its anti-bacterial filter and to the dynamic fan, an advanced ventilation system that maintains a steady and constant temperature.