Special events for Fulgor Milano


To show how products work and allow customers to touch and see them operating is a fundamental mission for Fulgor Milano, that often organizes special events where appliances are displayed and sometimes used by important chefs. This happened in Padua, during the open day of the Mainox distributor, where the star chef Claudio Ceriotti was the protagonist of a cooking show organized by Palatafini, that became partner of Fulgor Milano at the beginning of the year. To create his special recipes, Ceriotti used the CreActive ovens, the range manufactured by the Italian company, with the auto-cleaning mode and Pizza function. This option allows users to prepare 2 pizzas in 2 minutes and 45 seconds at a temperature of 350°C. During the evening other appliances of Fulgor Milano collections were displayed, such as the steam oven, the blast chiller and the vacuum drawer.
Another important event for Fulgor Milano was held at the Arco distributor showroom, near Vicenza. Here too, a star chef Alberto Buratti held a cooking show, underlining the energy efficiency and sustainability of the CreActive ovens in A+ and A++ energetic class. Great interest has been aroused also around the outdoor barbecue, a durable and reliable product to cook outside home.