AirFlower: the new air conditioner by Electrolux


Electrolux presents AirFlower, a portable air conditioner with a refined cylindrical shape, slim design and an elegant diffuser that reminds a rose. The company so has created a sophisticated object for the air comfort, functional and technological. The model features in fact the patented AirSurround system that cools and warms up effectively, creating an indirect airflow that fills the room. AirFlower has a stylish remote control with round shape that can be placed in the center of the unit, making it easy to use every day. The intuitive display switches on only on request while the ergonomic handles and the retractable wheels make the unit easy to carry and transport. The covers of the flexible hoses are customizable and available in green, wood, denim and pink colors in addition to the supplied neutral color. Installation is also very easy thanks to the pre-assembled WindowKit.