Siemens presents its inductionAir System


Siemens launches an ideal solution for those who want an elegant and functional kitchen but do not have too much space. It is inductionAir System, a model with sophisticated and functional design, that does not occupy much space below the work top thus allowing to insert drawers where keeping crockery and others cooking utensils. The FlexInduction hob ensures great flexibility thanks to the integrated suction system and the flexible cooking zones that automatically detect the shapes and sizes of pots, transmitting heat exactly where they are located. In addition, with the powerMove Plus function, the flex zone can be divided into three cooking zones, each with a different power level to cook foods at the highest temperatures in the front area or keep them warm in the back ones. The technology of this hob also features the flexMotion function that maintains the heat settings of every single pot, so everywhere the user decides to move it, the new area will fit automatically at its temperature. The fumes extractions is particularly effective thanks to the iQdrive engine with brushless mechanism that ensures long life and silent. Finally, the innovative climateControl sensor monitors vapors and cooking odors, adjusting the suction speed and power.