Tewnty will relaunch Sèleco

Maurizio Pannella, sole director, and Salvatore Giugno, head of financial activities, at Twenty

The historical brand of TVs Sèleco is the focus of a new project of Twenty, Italian company founded in 2014 with a registered capital of 10,000 euros, that closed 2016 with a turnover of 13 million euro. Last December it took over Sèleco with the intention of starting a new important project to restore the four existing assembly lines and build new ones with an investment of one million and 500 thousand euro and a goal to reach 400 thousand units. The new ranges will be distributed through the large-scale retail and specialized channels in Italy and other markets.
In addition to factories and warehouses of 15,000 square meters, in the old factory in Viale Lino Zanussi, Pordenone, also 500 square meters of offices will be restored with an employment forecast, for the moment, of about 50 persons.

«When we acquired the Sèleco brand – tells Marizio Pannella, sole director of Twenty – we thought to bring everything to Milan, then we saw the land, spoke and met the people and finally decided to keep the assembly processes at Pordenone. I think it has been the best choice. The results will confirm it.»

Sèleco will produce TVs from 24″ to 65″, characterized by technology and design. The range will include smart Tv and UHD models for the large distribution and the specialized channels first in Italy and then in European markets starting from the UK, Germany, France and Spain.
The positioning of Sèleco products is a premium one. Also radiophonic devices signed by Sèleco will come back to the market but will be realized by a specialist company in the audio segment. Twenty is also owner of the brands Necchi and Magnadyne.