Faber: tradition meets technology


‘Art Matters: the power of Aspiration and Inspiration’ was the event proposed by Faber at Fuorisalone in Milan. The Italian company of kitchen hoods mixed in this special occasion innovation, technology and tradition. The event, that took place in via Tortona, was attended by Sandro Tiberi, a Fabriano paper master, who dressed the Faber models with its refined art. K-Arta is the first hood which was transformed by Tiberi’s hands, but it was not the unique. In the location other exclusive hoods were displayed, characterized by Up & Down technology that allows them to get down on the hob gently only when activated by optimizing their effectiveness. When the hood is no longer needed, with a simple movement it rises to the ceiling freeing space on the hob. Moreover, Italian tradition was combined with the technological innovation also with the help of leading brand in woodworking, that covered with wood Talika, Veil and T-Light Faber models.[