Whirlpool awarded by Energy Star


Once again, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assigned the 2017 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award to Whirlpool Corporation for Sustained Excellence. The company received the award for manufacturing energy-efficient kitchen and laundry appliances that make a great contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This year’s recognition is the 26th Energy Star award that Whirlpool has won in the United States and the 39th Energy Star award across the United States and Canada. This time the company has been awarded especially for the introduction of two new models of heat pump dryers, but also for its continued training activities with employees and retailers about Energy Star and energy efficiency, its collaborative social media promotions with Energy Star, and its increased focus on sustainability initiatives overall.
«The 2017 award reflects our many products that continue to demonstrate efficient energy performance – said Ron Voglewede, global sustainability director for Whirlpool Corporation. Our Group has a 47-year commitment to sustainability and a long-standing history of balancing energy efficiency with consumer needs. We are proud of recognitions like these and remain focused on delivering sustainable and innovative solutions.»