Two new entries for the cooking signed Miele

Miele TwoInOne

Two innovative lines has been launched by Miele during the Milan Design Week: TwoInOne and SmartLine. The first is a cooking unit that incorporates a suction system between two PowerFlex induction areas: an elegant solution for the island kitchens but also for those who want to lighten the space over the hob. The integrated extractor hood is an efficient solution that replaces the “classic” model, capturing grease and odors before they can spread in the air. The fumes are drawn downwards and the fat molecules are absorbed by the metallic filter made of stainless steel with ten layers.
With the con@ctivity 2.0 technology, it is possible to adapt the power of the hood, with automatic shut off when the food is ready and the environment is back optimal. TwoInOne is a model in A+ class.

Miele SmartLine

Miele SmartLine, instead, is a modular system (with modules of 52 cm deep), which allows to create a fully customized cooking area. According to his/her specific needs, in fact, the customer can choose among barbecue, teppan yaki, gas burners or induction wok to be added to two Powerflex cooking zones and an integrated hood. In addition, Miele has equipped the SmartLine modules with SmartSelect controls, able to adjust separately any individual cooking zones.