Bosch displays its new washing machines at the Milano Design Week


During the Milano Design Week, Bosch takes the occasion to present its new range of washing machines, the i-DOS models. The German company has organized a workshop of two days, on 8-9 April, called #Boschlavafacile at Mondadori Store in Piazza Duomo, Milan. According to the brand philosophy of offering innovative solutions to simplify the daily life, Bosch has organized this special event in partnership with the magazine Easy Home to present the new i-DOS washing machines and tell all the secrets for a perfect wash. With the stylists Elisabetta ViganĂ² and Serena Scuderi and the technological expert Paolo Manca, the company will reveal all the plusses of the i-DOS system. This new technology uses advanced sensors able to detect the fabric type, the clothes load, the degree of soiling of the laundry and water hardness in order to dose automatically the right quantity of detergent and softener.