Ernestomeda presents the new Soul kitchen at Fuorisalone



After Living Kitchen, Ernestomeda will be one of the protagonist of the Fuorisalone in Milan, where the Italian company waits visitors at its Corporate Showroom on Via Melloni 3 and at the recently inaugurated Flagship Showroom in Milan, via Larga 9. The displays focus in particular on the evolution of the Soul kitchen which boasts new materials and new design inspiration. Ethical management, quality products, care for the environment and the protection of resources and people are the main elements of Ernestomeda philosophy. At the latest edition of Living Kitchen, the company presented the new K-Lab kitchen and the new version of Icon, created by the desiger Giuseppe Bavuso. With K-Lab, the Italian company proposes an informal, dynamic stylistic language conceptually intended for a young target. It is inspired by the large workbenches found in industrial contexts and includes a skillful alternation of solid forms and open units. The key features of this new kitchen model include the framed door, used on the base units of the various compositions, with inset handle. The Icon kitchen’s main innovation, instead, is the introduction of fresh materials and finishes, starting from the range of metallix colours and the metal-look lacquered finishes. The novelties continue with new types of glass, including a distinctive diamond-moulded version, new finishes – titanium, cocoa and umber – and, in the marble and stone selection. In the range of woods, the focus is on the Deluxe woods – Vintage oak and Quercus Oak – solid woods of distinctive beauty.