Lg celebrates the sale of 15 million refrigerators


The best-seller of Lg Electronics is the refrigerator equipped with Inverter Linear Compressor, a an innovative patented technology that obtained a great success with sales that have recently reached 15 million units. These kind of refrigerators recorded a growth by 8% last year compared to 2015 and Lg expects a further increase during the next months. Unlike conventional compressors using a circular motion, the Linear inverter of Lg transforms the linear motion in cooling power in a much more effective way. This process reduces the energy consumption and the noise levels compared to refrigerators with conventional engines.
Since the development of the Inverter Linear Compressor16 years ago, Lg has been working to improve its technology. In fact, the fifth generation of the compressor, introduced in 2014, allows for better energy efficiency by 55% and 15% less noise than the first generation. Lg currently holds 981 patents in South Korea for its technology on the Inverter Linear Compressor, 232 patents in the US and 52 in Europe.
Last year, Lg has expanded the range with its new refrigerator Centum System, specially developed for the European market. The Linear Compressor Centum Inverter System refrigerator is guaranteed for 20 years, a novelty which has enabled the company to gain recognition by VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), one of the most recognized European standard for reliability.