Emerging markets wishing new appliances


According to the local magazine, DailyNK, North Korean citizens are more and more interested in the technological innovations of home appliances sector, especially those of the close colossal manufacturers of South Korea. This trend proves the birth of a new middle class wishful of high-quality equipment in their homes. In the case of North Korea, however, the authorities have strengthened their crackdown on sales from the South Korea. But despite the prohibition, it seems that some merchants and consumers succeeded in avoiding the surveillance, using codes and secret words. This is only one example that shows the interest of many other emerging countries in advanced devices, such as Led tv, home appliances, solar panel and laptop but also the searching for branded products, that is increasing all over the world. And this even if the price of products such those coming from South Korean, is often prohibitive for many consumers, that generally look for secondhand models.