Anholt-GfK: made-in-Italy advances


Italy gains a position in the Nation Brand Index; the survey realized by Anholt-GfK that measures the perception of 50 countries.
What is today the image of Italy abroad? The Nation Brands IndexSM realized by Anholt-GfK, provides an idea of ​​the opinion that foreign consumers have of Italian nation and products. Made by examining 50 nations, for each country this survey takes into consideration parameters such as: exports, namely the reputation of products manufactured in that country; Government, seen as the reliability and transparency of the institutions; culture, or the historical and artistic heritage and innovation capacity; people, that is the level of sympathy and attractiveness; tourism and the ability to attract investment; immigration. From the mix of these criteria, they get a score that determines the reputation of a certain nation.  A parameter that can be significant for the development of trade and e-commerce.
Last year, Italy has lost some appeal (-0.54 points), but has managed to move up one position in the overall ranking: surpassing Japan, in fact, Italy conquered the sixth place. The most appreciated factors of the Peninsula are mainly linked to tourism (first place), culture (third place) and people (third place), but also Italian products that allow made-in-Italy to reach the ninth position for the parameters affecting exports.
The many evolutions that have occurred in recent years on the geo-political landscape of the world are changing the perception and reputation of many countries, that have remained stable for some time.
Last year, the United Kingdom (-1.31), United States (-1.04), Germany (-0.96), Japan (0.88) and France (-0.81) recorded a decrease in the index, although not all of these nations have lost positions in the ranking. United States, Germany and the UK remain for now in the top three, respectively.
«Usually – says Simon Anholt, professor, independent political consultant and creator of the Nation Brands IndexSM study – the global perception of the individual countries is incredibly stable, but the results of this year show us how changes are always possible. In terms of reputation, the perception of a country is far more important than the economic results – and this is clear from the 2016 ranking. Those which suffer most the effects of a year characterized by international conflicts and humanitarian emergencies were mainly the countries that are perceived as world leaders.»
The 2016 edition of the Anholt- GfK Nation Brands IndexSM was realized by making 20,000 on-line interviews. The data was subsequently weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the on-line population in each country.

2016 Ranking Country 2015 Ranking Trend 2015 – 2016
1 United States 1 -1.04
2 Germany 2 -0.96
3 United Kingdom 3 -1.31
4 Canada 5 -0.33
5 France 4 -0.81
6 Italy 7 -0.54
7 Japan 6 -0.88
8 Switzerland 8 -0.64
9 Australia 9 -0.25
10 Sweden 10 -0.64

Sorce: Nation Brands IndexSM realizzata da Anholt-GfK