Falmec enters the air purifiers segment


Bellaria is an exclusive product born from the partnership between Falmec, Italian specialist of design kitchen hoods, and Marco Zito, architect expert in the lighting sector. It is an air purifier with ionizing technology, that ensures high efficiency and unique design. It is conceived to improve the healthiness of indoor environments but also becomes a very sophisticated light. Its blown glass shaped is realized in four colors and is characterized by soft lines enhancing the compactness and intuitiveness of the product use. A piece of design, beautiful and discreet, that eliminates bad odors but also pollutants elements, purifying the air in any kind of environment.
Bellaria was created using the advanced know-how of Falmec that has already applied its e.ion system to the hoods range with success. The idea of bringing the hood technology out from the kitchen has introduced the Italian company in a new segment, keeping the same competence to improve the air quality in any room of the house. Bellaria features a recognizable design, thanks to its precious handcrafted materials, symbol of that Italian know-how of Falmec.
Design and technology combine themselves with a user-friendly interface, an intuitive display and a touch panel, with the same leaf, already present on Falmec hoods, that changes color according to the purification level.