The new Elica remote control for hoods


Elica, Italian manufacturer of kitchen hoods, is going to launch on the market a new remote control compatible with any of its hood realized for being managed with remote control. The product is designed by Fabrizio Crisà and is characterized by elegant design, ease of use and ergonomics. It has only five buttons, which provide the complete control of all the hood functions: from the suction speed to the timer for the switch-off or the quickly stop of the hood, from the control of the light on the hob to the secondary ambient light. The autonomy the device is guaranteed by an integrated lithium battery, rechargeable via micro Usb cable. A multicolor Led below the glass indicates the correct data transmission and the status of the battery charge. The presence of magnets within the shell allows to place it on any metal surface, such as the chimneys of the hoods or the refrigerator. The new Elica remote control will be available in Europe from March.