Olimpia Splendid: DolceClima becomes DolceClima Silent


Olimpia Splendid has renewed its DolceClima mobile air conditioners with the new DolceClima Silent models, more performant and quiet versions, born after a deep technological development. The new products were designed by the Italian company according to an innovative method of air distribution: the Blue Air Technology system. This solution allows to obtain an evenly air flow that arrives to 4 meters height and 3 meters wide. Through this system, DolceClima Silent ensures a uniform environment temperature and an extremely rapid and uniform cooling.
Moreover, the Silent mode allows to lower the appliance noise by 10%. The new range is also equipped with soft touch display and all models are placed in energy classes from A to A++.
The range includes appliances with specific features in order to satisfy all the customers’needs: DolceClima Silent 11A+ in energy class A+; the practical DolceClima 10 Silent and the most powerful of the range, DolceClima Silent 12, which combines the maximum power and the maximum efficiency. The new DolceClima 10 hp, finally, is characterized by the heating pump, able to reach the A++ energy class also in the heating function.