Iran against contraband appliances


Smuggled household appliances easily reach any market, from Western countries to the Middle East, and are often sold in the local shops. According to the Financial Tribune, this happens in Iran too where, as referred by the national Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade, one-third of all the sector products is smuggled. To solve the problem, however, many actions have been organized across the market, so that 90% of contraband household appliances have been confiscated from stores, although other contraband devices are currently sold on-line. The home appliances sector in Iran is worth about 4.95 billion dollar. Domestic production accounts for only a quarter of this amount and the rest is dominated by foreign brands. As published by the Finanacial Tribune, according to Sharareh Karimi of Iran’s Home Appliances Association, foreign brands make up 95%, 60% and 55% of the Iranian market for audiovisual systems, refrigerators and washing machines respectively.