Hoover presents IronVision 360°


IronVision 360 ° system is a new range of irons presented by Hoover ideal for any kind of fabric, from silk to cotton. The range models allow to choose different levels of the plate temperature and reach a pressure up to 6 bars and a steam emission up to 120 g/min to deep penetrate into the fibers making ironing easier and faster. The ceramic plate is resistant to scratches, ensuring an efficient steam diffusion and a homogeneous heat distribution for optimal results. IronVision 360 ° has a 2-liter transparent tank, that allows the user to iron for a long time and to keep always the water level under control. In addition, the practical continuous charge system allows to iron even a large amount of laundry without having to fill the container in the middle of the ironing. The anti-drip system avoid water leakage even with low temperature of the plate. IronVision 360° is also easy to carry and store thanks to its very compact design, the double-wrap cable compartment and the iron block.