KitchenAid presents its 2017 news



KitchenAid has launched the new 2017 products for cooking in an easy and functional way. Among them, we can mention the Power Plus Artisan blender, an appliance designed to prepare soups, smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices or making special flours with cereals and dried fruit. This product features 3 Adapti-Blen preset programs (smoothies, juices and soups), 11 adjustable speeds with the practical Pulse and Boost functions. It also presents a carafe with thermal control which allows to warm up soups and drinks simply and quickly, then keeping them at the right temperature.
Another new entry signed by KitcheAid is the Cook Processor Artisan, an all-in-one unit, full of accessories allowing to experience in a simple and intuitive way various cooking techniques and delicious recipes with 6 automatic functions (boiling, frying, stewing, steam cooking, homogenizing and kneading), achieving professional results quickly and effortlessly.