Sabaf presents its ‘family’ in the new corporate video



The passion and work of Sabaf are told in a new video, available in Italian and English, on the Italian company website This multinational society operating in a great number of countries in the gas kitchen and washing components sector, explains the know-how and passion that have led it at a very the high level of technology and innovation with burners, valves, thermostats and hinges, designed to make appliances more and more efficient and safer. The Italian Group, with facilities in 4 countries, is able to constantly anticipate market changes investing in research and development and taking advantage from the competence of its people, the “component” which is not only part of the production chain, but is the protagonist, with passion and professionalism. According to Sabaf, in fact, “each of the 750 employees of the Group contributes to the know-how of a company that since its foundation in 1950, has been investing in its own ‘family’ of employees who, over time, has become its main resource”. A family that has expanded, crossing national borders with the opening of offices in Brazil, Turkey and China arriving with its own products, in the homes of more than 50 countries.