Success for Elica at Living Kitchen



Elica closed with satisfatction its participation at the Living Kitchen International Fair held in Cologne. The Italian company of kitchen hoods displayed its new models in a space of great appeal, designed by Labics, the architectural and urban planning practice based in Rome. The pavilion’s design project was based on two key concepts: internationalism and cutting edge technology, achieved by the company thanks to its team and collaborators, as witnessed by the stand walls that was completely covered in photographic portraits of well over 2,500 people employed by Elica. Regarding products, Living Kitchen was the occasion to present to the international market the performance of the company innovative and elegant models, such as NikolaTesla, induction hob and air extraction system in one that was also protagonist of many cooking shows. «The Elica pavilion – as told Francesco Casoli, President of the Elica Group – was aimed at highlighting Elica’s most distinctive elements – innovation, technology, and internationalism – with all our people operating at the heart of things to enhance our corporate unicum: we are the AIRchitects, architects of the air, capable of monitoring and purifying one of the most important resources we have available, the air around us.»