Baraldi: Italian solutions for any kitchen



Baraldi, Italian company specialized in kitchen hoods, presents a rich 2017 catalog of ideas for functional, sustainable and elegant solutions, ideal for any kind of environment. The company products feature 100% class A motors, 100% Led lights, 100% controls with less of 1W in stand-by, 100% renewable energy used for production. Among the most innovative proposals, Baraldi offers cooker-hoods integrated with induction hob, hanging cooker-hoods with metal cables, cooker-hoods for wall application, attached to the ceiling and models for large kitchen. An efficient filtering system blocks the grease and dirty of cooking, purifies the air and eliminates fumes and odors, thanks to grease aluminium filters, total grease filters, smell charcoal filters. Among the Baraldi catalog, we would like to mention Diamond, an induction hob with integrated hood, characterized by the elegant black glass. With its touch control it is possible to select 4 speed, boost, timer, the automatic switch off, and the indication of cleaning and filter replacement.