Miele presents FashionMaster




The Miele FashionMaster is a steam ironing system built at Miele’s own Lehrte production plant. It is an innovative and evolved solution, characterized by an active ironing table with the patented 1-2-Lift System, allowing the machine to be set up and folded away fast. Feature highlights include an automatic descaling and rinsing function and the Steamer. With its honeycomb soleplate, patents pending, the hand iron ties in with the success of the honeycomb drum on Miele washing machines and tumble dryers and nicely rounds off Miele’s laundry-care range by hugely simplifying the job of ironing compared with conventional models.. The ‘active’ ironing table features a fan which can both extract steam as well as inflate the table padding. Steam extraction ensures that steam penetration of fabrics is optimal and reduces any build-up of condensate on the ironing table. Furthermore, this helps secure garments in place and prevents them from slipping. The inflatable padding below the ironing board cover prevents seams from leaving unsightly impressions on laundry. This allows fine garments, for example those made from angora, to be gently ironed without flattening or damaging the fabric. Fabrics still have bounce and handle even after ironing. Frills can be nicely shaped and tidied up without looking squashed. This feature is switched on and off automatically: as soon as steam is required, the fan starts to run and is automatically switched off in breaks during ironing.