Wearable devices are growing fast


wdWearable devices are becoming more and more interesting for consumer. It is shown by a PwC research made first on October 2014 then on April 2016, where the growing knowledge and diffusion of these devices is visible. Among a panel of 1,000 people involved in the research, 49% of respondents own at least one device (up from 21% in 2014), and 36% own more than one. As it was seen during the last CES edition on January 2016, the sector is expanding very quickly. After the success of fitness trackers, other appliances are now growing, such as smart watches and glasses. According to the answers of the survey respondent consumers, 45% of those who has a wearable device own a fitness band, 27% a smart watch, 12% smart clothing, 15% smart glasses and 14% a smart video-photo device.