Accenture: waiting to the IoT boom


 iotAccording to the 2016 edition Accenture Digital Consumer, the consumer technology industry is in front to a decrease of the quick growth of devices like smartphones and other products that are reaching a maturity phase. Unfortunately, demand for the next generation of appliances, such those included in the Internet of Things (IoT) is not growing fast enough to offset declines in traditional categories. Accenture underlines that price, security and ease of use remain barriers to adoption of these new products. «For the majority of consumers – they say in the report – the lack of a compelling value proposition is reflected in concern over pricing. Security is no longer just a nagging problem, but a top barrier as consumers choose to abandon products and services over security concerns. And, while progress has been made, challenges with ease of use and customer experience remain roadblocks.» But companies must not stop their innovation process because IoT will grow over time and will be probably do it very quickly.
So, as Accenture remarks: «the winners will be those who can work with their ecosystem partners to push disruptive innovation by connecting humans with technology in ways that meet their most fundamental needs.»