Lg is more and more smart



Lg strategy of proposing new solutions of IoT goes on. The company activated Open Partnership, Open Platform, and Open Connectivity in the growing Internet of Things field, showcasing smart technology responding to consumer needs and providing solutions that cater to different user lifestyles. Lg Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator is an example of it. It is equipped with a 29-inch transparent Touch LCD screen, and is powered by the Intel Compute Stick, a tiny computer with an Intel AtomTM processor. This refrigerator can be used as both a monitor and a window to peek inside the fridge without opening the door using Knock-On, which makes the screen transparent with only two raps. It is also capable of running various useful apps to view recipes, listen to music, watch videos and even shop online.
Another intelligent refrigerator model is which of Lg Signature range, also equipped with advanced sensor technology for the door, humidity as well as external and internal temperature. It features 2.0 megapixel panoramic super-wide-lens internal camera to capture interior images from various angles that can be viewed on a smartphone by the user while grocery shopping.