Ceced went to Romania to discuss e-waste problems



Ceced Europe is facing the hard challenge of the correct disposal of Weee in any continent region. The situation is, in fact, very different among the countries. Recently, Paolo Falcioni, general director of Ceced had a meeting with Carmen Ioana Moldovan, president of the Romanian Committee for the Environment and Ecological Balance to discuss about the future of the home appliances sector and the related problems, such as the e-waste management.
«When discussing e-waste – commented Falcioni – I indicated to her the willingness of our industry to make its contribution to tackling e-waste and our actions, investments and efforts already present in Romania and across the European Union. I also pointed out that the current system, whereby industry alone is made responsible for reaching the targets, without having the necessary means/operational tools to fulfil the obligations, needs to be revised. I fully appreciated Ms Moldovan’s willingness to listen to our concerns on the e-waste topic. I am confident that by having such transparent and constructive exchanges, Romania will be better equipped to tackle the upcoming e-waste challenges and reach the necessary targets, along with the producers and all other relevant players evolving on the e-waste markets».