In the kitchen technology wins


Products for the kitchen environment are increasingly performant, advanced and connected, and also in the next future, companies will focus on high-tech, efficient and intelligent appliances. To get a “taste” of the latest news, we asked some industry players to showcase their most innovative products and anticipate the proposals for 2017.

Courtesy of Faber
Courtesy of Faber

by Elena Corti

Kitchen appliances are among the devices that in recent years are presenting some of the most important innovations, both we speak of the preparation and cooking of foods and of the fumes suction. Technological evolution is transforming the supply of products such as hoods or hobs, which become more and more hi-tech and connected. In addition, manufacturers of major and small appliances have conceived new devices that meet the need of consumers to eat better: among the most advanced the steam oven stands out, as well as the juice extractor and products for the vacuum preservation. Design look, then, must not be neglected on which companies are strongly focusing, transforming appliances into real objects of furniture. In general, consumers wish products with a strong technological potential and the data released by GfK for the January-May 2016 period show that, in the cooking segment, it is interesting the growth of innovative products such as ovens with steam function (with an increase of +85% of the turnover in the considered period) and induction hobs (+17% the turnover). In the small appliances for the kitchen, we can highlight the development of the juicers/extractors category, which registered an increase by 56% in value.  In addition, according to figures by Ceced Italy, in the first half of 2016 the cooking (hobs, built-in ovens and free-standing kitchens) confirmed itself as  a distinguishing component of the Italian production, both for its quality and as an emblem of the Italian style in the world. In particular, in the first half of the year, production volumes grew by 9.6% for the hobs and by 1.7% for the ovens.

The questions we made to the companies

1 Do you think that, within the home appliances industry, products for the kitchen are among the devices that are expressing greater innovation?

2 What are your most recent flagship products?

3 Are you planning to launch new products for the next year?


Nima Free hood by Baraldi
Nima Free hood by Baraldi

1 Our hoods are in a phase of strong innovation with kinds of installation that, until a few years ago, were unthinkable. All the product element continue to be updated with advanced materials, more efficient motors and intelligent control systems. To design, which expresses itself in more and more unique and surprising forms, are now added technologies deriving from consumer electronics. Our newest models, for example, can be controlled with a smartphone App.  The engines have reduced noise with an improvement in power consumption which for us must fall at least in the A class and new materials will give us, in a short time, further impetus towards even more advanced products.

2 A few months ago we introduced the new “Free” series. They are different models of ceiling hoods that do not need to be built-in in a false ceiling but remain visible. The structure is very slim and elegant thanks to flat motors that can exceed the flow rate of 1,000 m3/h. The hood is used in filter version without the need for connecting pipe. In addition to the anti-grease filters, these products are equipped with an advanced anti-odor filter, called Hi-Filter, which lasts a long time thanks to the fact that it can be washed and regenerated in a regular oven. All models only feature  Led lights that guarantee high brightness and low power consumption, and have a new remote control with rechargeable battery that allows some advanced features previously not possible for a hood. In general, we consider this series easy to install, beautiful to look at and comfortable to use.

3 With the experience just made in some new technologies, we are preparing a series of ceiling products, hanging and wall-mounted that integrate all available innovations. In January we will present these models that will be included in the new catalog 2017.


Riccardo Remedi, managing director of Faber
Riccardo Remedi, managing director of Faber

1 The household appliances sector is living a time of great innovation, thanks to a number of technologies borrowed from the world of multimedia and interactivity. Moreover, the particular attention to the food sector, which was at its top with Expo, givis a contribution to make consumers more selective and conscious. Increasingly, our customers want products with a strong technological potential, with particular attention to smart devices, able to connect and communicate through the Internet with the hob. And Faber, also in the latest edition of Salone del Mobile, proved once again to be a pioneer, proposing solutions with pioneering spirit. An example is represented by Tower, the hood able to transform into a real cooking assistant, showing on its screen all the necessary steps for the realization of a recipe, thanks to the connection with a software set to the tablet and to the dialogue with the hob. Our propension to technology has always been the driving force that drives us to constantly invest in research and innovation, to create more and more consumer friendly, efficient, aesthetically versatile and contemporary solutions.

2 At Eurocucina 2016 we presented Nautilus, the fan unit (integrated in the elegant Talika hood) which is characterized by very small size and which allows the models that support it to achieve the highest performance on the energy ambit, taking up very little space. In this way we can get ultra-thin products, perfectly vertical, and characterized by ultra-modern design. One of the latest technologies at the service of the consumer is then Steam-off System, designed to reduce the harmful effect of moisture generated by cooking fumes on the kitchen cupboards. The device releases some air jets, calibrated in shape and intensity, in order to guide the flow of vapor toward the suction zone of the hood. In this way, the vapor does not stagnate, avoiding the formation of condensation both on the surfaces of the hood and on the kitchen cupboards and offering a total suction of the fumes. This is an innovation that makes the use of hood more and more indispensable, because it contributes not only to preserve the kitchen furnishing extending its longevity, but becomes a valuable ally for healthy air of our house. In all of the latest generation hoods we also have installed In-Nova premium, a special sensor that allows the automatic activation of the appliance only when necessary, allowing to make the most of its suction power.

3 In the coming year we will continue to work on the news proposed in the latest edition of Eurocucina: in fact we made products thinking to the needs of those who live every day the kitchen and offering solutions “cooking helper”, aimed at improving the lives of consumers. We will continue to follow the road begun with Tower, enhancing the concept of multimedia and dialogue among appliances. Without forgetting the functionality, assets which allowed us to launch models that have made the history of the hoods segment like the chimney hood. At the same time we will turn our commitment to strengthen the relationship with the consumer, working on the bond of identity and trust. We are in fact preparing initiatives addressed to the public and the media. And the “playing field” will be just the kitchen and the air we breathe, thus indicating with an ironic touch and a media impact format how our hoods can improve life in the kitchen.



Lorenzo Poser, commercial and marketing director of Falmec
Lorenzo Poser, commercial and marketing director of Falmec

1 The kitchen environment, being a place of sharing and convivial meeting increasingly requires greater comfort. Also home appliances can help to create a pleasant environment in which to feel good. The innovation of Falmec is essentially targeted to this: increasing welfare in the domestic environments where we spend a great part of our time. We think there is real innovation when the benefits of this are real and improve our everyday lives. This means, for example, having a hood which does not make noise or eliminate the fried smells in the kitchen.

2 The products on which Falmec now is focusing on respond to different market needs: on the one hand we have expanded the range of ultra-silent NRS hoods which make the unit practically imperceptible, on the other hand we are focusing on products oriented to the treatment of the air and the sanitizing of the environments, expanding the E.ion range with new models and extending this experience and technology to Bellaria: a designer lamp that illuminates and purifies the air, thus changing in every sense the atmosphere of the environment in which the user is.

3 Falmec is developing a new filtering hoods range with an innovative technology (Circle.Tech), previewed at Eurocucina in Milan, which will be available from January 2017.





1 If with appliances we also mean also products of consumer electronics maybe not, but regarding White Goods undoubtedly the products with the highest level of innovation are those of the cooking area, and food preservation.

2 For the 2016-2018 period, we have focused heavily on the integrated cycle of food cooking, introducing the new Creactive operating system in our electronic ovens of all sizes and integrating it with the blast chiller and the device for vacuum packaging.

3 As mentioned earlier, we work on three-year development cycles. Currently we turned our attention to the products for storing food and fine beverages (wine and sparkling wine), with a renewed determination to complete our already wide range and allow consumers to have more choice both at typology level and of price.



Marco Di Leo, managing director and commercial director of R.G.V.
Marco Di Leo, managing director and commercial director of R.G.V.

1 The products the are becoming increasingly popular on the market and which are expressing greater innovation are basically two: those that make a bit of everything and those which help the housewife, in a few words the multi-function products (such as blender that extract the pulp and juice from fruits and vegetables, are also able to cook to make good soups and can make ice cream and sorbets) or the appliances of the wellness and health area.

2 Among our leading products in the health and well-being, there are juice extractors, also called slow juicer because – thanks to the cold pressing system working at 60 rounds per minute – keep intact the properties of fruits and vegetables, such as enzymes and vitamins. We offer three types of extractors: the Juice Art model (addressed to the mass distribution and therefore to the consumer as the end user), the Juice Art Plus version (evolution of Juice Art model, with a largest supply conduit  which enables also to introduce a whole apple) and Juice Art Muscle (more powerful, with an induction motor and designed for small restaurants). Among its plus, Juice Art Muscle is completely BPA Free, an important feature in a time in which the consumer pays particular attention to the care of their own health.

3 At the moment everything is still on standby, but maybe there will be a further evolution of the extractors … with the entrance of the digital.

Juice Art Muscle juice extractor by R.G.V.
Juice Art Muscle juice extractor by R.G.V.






Marco Zappulla, export manager of Zepa
Marco Zappulla, export manager of Zepa

1 The kitchen and cooking sector has evolved significantly in recent years. Electronics applied to hobs, both gas and electric, is arousing more and more interest and new technologies for cooking, such as induction, are finding a growing number of admirers. The life cycle of products has been considerably shortened and accordingly, the need for a continuous renewal is more than ever felt. Today it is essential to keep pace with the changes taking place and to do that we need to anticipate the market trends, proposing effective solutions that are satisfactory for the end consumer. The main drivers that we are following and that in the coming months will be fundamental for the development of the new generation of Zepa products are: efficiency, technology, environmental impact, comfort and practicality to ensure the user a new experience.

2 Last year, we completed the development of the Jewel Line, a line of steel hobs that, apart from various stylistic elements of a high level, offers the best relationship on the market between external dimensions and usable space. Obviously the used burners are of the latest generation, in line with the requirements in terms of efficiency and performance. This year we have also extended a very interesting range that is characterized by the fact of providing the user the maximum freedom of use. With this hybrid line we offer a combination of gas burners and induction that allows various types of cooking ensuring very significant operating economies. Noteworthy is also the development of a semi-professional range which is characterized by the use of the most powerful burner today available in the domestic sector: 8.0 kW with Dual system. In addition, we are expanding the range of gas hobs with touch control. As these are niche models, the advantages for the user are by no means negligible: ranging from the total safety of use, thanks to electronic systems for the gas leakage control, to the automatic re-ignition of the flame in case of accidental switching off. Also important is the extreme ease of use in the case of switching off programming: thanks to this innovative feature, in fact, you are free to carry out various activities in the house, because in the meantime the hob will control the time previously set automatically switching off.

3 We will present a new line of steel hobs, extremely modern and complete. Beyond that, we are completing a new range of glass hobs with really interesting features for our customers, thanks to the possibility of very important and distinctive customizations.