Innovation by Fulgor Milano


fulgorFulgor Milano presents the “Sbs Cold Center”, composed by two large capacity appliances: the freezer (FFSI 350 NF ED X) and the refrigerator (FRSI 400 F ED X) with slot-in system. The No Frost System ensures better freezing of foods, preserving their flavor, color and quality over time and preventing foods from sticking to each other due to the formation of ice or frost. Maintaining the right level of humidity inside the freezer compartment with automatic defrosting removes the need for difficult manual defrosting. The Ventilated Refrigeration (AIR+) with the use of a fan whose size is calibrated to deliver constant air circulation inside the refrigeration compartment, allows a better preservation of the food. Moreover, the forced-air circulation also avoids forming condensation on the back wall of the refrigeration compartment and under the glass shelves.