Haier launched the smart air conditioner



The 2017 Cool Year New Product Release Conference in Jinan of Haier Air Conditioner was focused on the theme “Let the air understand you better”. During the event, the company announced the completion of its smart air conditioner big data cloud platform that marks the official entry to the smart age of big data. According to the introduction, Haier smart air conditioner is based on smart air ecosystem and has established the most comprehensive big data open platform in the industry with more than 40.7 trillion accumulated data entries of various kinds. The platform specializes in optimizing the air experience for the users. Based on the results of open big data, Haier announced it officially released the world’s first smart air conditioner that can deliver “natural wind” applying the smart bionic man technology. Having initiated the “natural wind” revolution in the air conditioner industry, the product brings the times of mechanical ventilating supply to an ultimate end and renders the air supply infinitely close to the most comfortable natural wind that people experience in daily life. In order to capture natural wind and apply it to the smart air conditioner, Haier’s R&D staff walked for 20,000 kilometers to experiment in over 300 natural settings including the early autumn bamboo grove, summer seaside, forests after rain, the Changbai Mountain, etc. From feeling cool to shivering with cold, they collected data on the speed and volume of natural wind and compared it with mechanical wind, and then deduced simulation formula for natural wind based on the application of big data analysis. In addition, Haier jointly developed the smart bionic man with China National Institute of Standardization, which became the basis for massive comfortability experiments and tests. Also, human body activity metabolic rate and other indexes were used to perform big data computation and analysis. These finally gave rise to the smart self-cleaning air conditioner that is capable of blowing “natural wind”.