Martini Light launches new store solution


Martini Light

Martini Light, continues to improve lighting solutions in order to offer more innovative proposals in the retail sector, where is essential to create a welcoming atmosphere for the viewer, conveying a subtle and ethereal matter which is light as a real marketing tool. More and more, in fact, a good use of light is a precious resource to capture the interest of users. And that’s why in the field of retail Martini Light, along with the patented Retina HD LED technology, highlights the spaces paying attention to the character of the brand and creating a well-studied set design in which the languages are many, but the goal is unique: more brilliant colors and perfectly balanced for a color rendering of the highest quality. Numerous stores have already tried some Martini Light “highlighted” such as Pantone UniverseStore, Tatras Boutique, Jade Boutique, Carl Hansen & Son Showroom, Loro Piana, Les Copains, Mercedes-Benz Store, Rossocorsa Ferrari, Damiani, Geox Showroom, Veneta Cucine Showroom; Versia and Lalique in Russia.