Lg presents the art series of its portable speaker



LG Electronics launches the art series of its Portable Speaker by JonOne in Paris, France. Featuring the bright artwork of popular artist JonOne, the company’s latest wireless audio product is characterized by a special design and look. JonOne has earned a reputation for originality, with his open-ended approach to style and artistic innovation earning him a following around the globe. Growing up in Harlem in New York City, he was influenced by the freedom of the street art and graffiti tags that covered the city. The Lg Portable Speaker ensures good performance and is available in three different designs inspired by art, culture and city life. All the devices in the Lg Portable Speaker art series are equipped with features found only in Lg’s advanced wireless audio products. Users can easily connect and control the speakers with up to two devices simultaneously via multi-Bluetooth paring and can also use two paired speakers as left and right stereo channels via Dual Play. These features combine to ensure that Lg Portable Speaker art series will appeal to those that value individuality in their music, art and life.