Ceced: eco-design? Good if not too much


HousetoHomeAs scheduled, Ceced Europe took part at the latest edition of the Sustainable Energy Week, supporting and promoting the connected home and energy savings for the growth of home appliances industry and of the European economy. Among the themes stressed by the Association there was the ‘right quantity’ of eco-design. “Eco-design – explained Paolo Falcioni, general director of Ceced – is a bit like a medicine. In reasonable doses it is effective. Take too much of it however, and it will do no good.” This was the metaphor used by Ceced Director-General Paolo Falcioni while addressing the Anec/Beuc “from bashing to praising eco-design” ecodesign event on 15th June 2016 within EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016. Ceced had never sought to praise or “bash” (unfairly criticise)  eco-design as a policy. Industry’s focus had always been about placing the emphasis on the potential (economic) benefits consumers could enjoy within the overall policy as the process starts in the home. «The Energy Union – Falcioni went on – is an opportunity. It has the potential to put consumers center stage, for example, when managing the supply and demand for energy in Europe. The process would require the introduction of incentives, towards consumers, to encourage them to equip themselves with innovative, energy efficient and smart technology.»