General Electric in Europe with mabe


Frigo 2000

General Electric presents to the European market its new range of refrigerators with mabe logo | GE Appliances Partners. General Electric will go on to commercialize the appliances with its own brand on the US domestic market, while in Europe the same products will be available with this new logo, born from the synergy with mabe, one of the General Electric’s company. The product range (width 91 cm) will include side-by-side models, with or without dispenser, in white, black (September) and steel with tubular steel handles; side-by-side, with dispenser, with customizable frames and 6 mm thick panels with stylish pocket handles; side-by-side with dispenser, drawer with adjustable temperature and CustomCool drawer to defrost and cool faster and other versions, including Bottom Mount 3-door with ice maker. The proposed models are distributed in Italy by Frigo 2000.