A sustainability program at the center of Grundig strategy

Hakan Bulgurlu, Ceo of Grundig and the chef Massimo Bottura
Hakan Bulgurlu, Ceo of Grundig, and the chef Massimo Bottura

Grundig has started a partnership with Food for Soul, cultural association founded by the Michelin star chef Massimo Bottura, who is engaged in the fight against food waste and food sustainability.
Sustainability is one of the most important element of Grundig’s strategy too, focusing on the safeguarding of the world resources. ‘Respect for Food’ is the program undertaken by the company, that includes several projects for a better future of the world and the cultural exchange. Grundig has been following this philosophy since its foundation: the resources optimization is one of the main characteristics of its products: the brand washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and hobs ensure the highest energy efficiency levels and are conceived for saving water and electricity. In the Cooling sector, instead, Grundig is developing new technologies to extend food duration.