Elica records a strong growth


ElicaElica Group consolidated revenues amounted to euro 421.6 million in 2015, an increase of 7.6% on 2014. The Cooking segment reported an 8.0% consolidated revenue increase, thanks to growth both for third party brand products (7.7%) and own brand products, which increased 8.5% and featured the performance of Elica brand revenues (+21%). The Motors Segment in 2015 reported a 5.2% revenue increase, due principally to improved heating segment sales. EBITDA before restructuring charges of Euro 35.3 million (8.4% of Net revenue) improved 14.7% on 2014. EBITDA net of restructuring charges totalled Euro 33.5 million – up 20.1% on the previous year. The move towards higher margins follows the increase in sales volumes, efficiencies generated from supply chain integration programmes and the continued optimisation of product cost, together with favourable exchange rate movements. The Profit of Euro 7.4 million was up 113.6% on the previous year. Elica S.p.A., as well as operating its own activities, carries out coordination and control activities for all of the subsidiary companies. In 2015, Elica S.p.A.’s revenue amounted to euro 313.9, an increase of 7.3% on the previous year (+10.6% from related parties, +6.5% from third parties). EBITDA in 2015 of euro 11.7 million improved 55.2% on 2014, principally due to reduced restructuring charges in Italy. EBITDA before restructuring charges saw significant growth of 19.5% on 2014, due to operating efficiencies. The Profit of euro 6.6 million increased 32.3% on 2014.