A very small wine cellar by Miele


Miele Wine Cellar
The new wine conditioning unit from Miele is an appliance hardly larger than a microwave oven, and fits with ease in even the smallest of kitchens. With a height of only 45 cm, the KWT 6112 iG ed/cs offers sufficient space for 18 Bordeaux bottles. Even Magnum champagne bottles fit inside as the rails on the rack can be varied in terms of both spacing and direction (FlexiFrame Plus). Two of the three levels slide out, adding to convenience and a clear arrangement together with the Led lighting and the magnetic shelf-edge trim on which the names of wines can be written using chalk crayons. Thanks to its reduced design relying on grey glass, stainless steel and black rear-printed frame, this flush wine unit from Miele’s PureLine designer range goes well with high-end furniture and fittings. Moreover, the machine is designed to absorb vibrations and, at only 34 dB, is whisper-quiet. An active charcoal filter prevents odors from entering the cabinet. The simple and self-explanatory user interfaces uses sensor-touch controls (TouchControl). The available temperature range goes from +5° to +20°C. The unit has an A+ energy efficiency rating.