Samsung Serif TV at Grand Designs Live


Samsung SerifTV]

Samsung Serif Led TV is now on display at Grand Designs Live in London until 8 May. Showcased at the Samsung stand in the Grand Interiors hall, this model presents an innovative design whilst offering customers all the new generation technologies. It is equipped with a new, custom-designed UI including a digital curtain, which applies a digital filter to live content turning it into subtle abstract patterns. The editable Curtain Mode also forms the backdrop for the new menu, a Bluetooth speaker and a clock, giving owners the opportunity to create a backdrop that compliments the design of their home. Samsung Serif TV is defined by a single frame and is available in white, dark blue and red. It comes with a stand of four attachable tubular legs enabling the TV to be freestanding, while a removable fabric-covered back panel conceals the ports and connectors, creates a sleek finish from every angle.