Gorenje: great expectations for Asko



Gorenje Group acquired the brand Asko in 2010 and is now looking at the result of its relaunching in the segment of high end and premium kitchen and laundry appliances. The global market for premium appliances is growing and even in the stagnating European market the portion of the premium appliances has been stable. The Group’s target is to double the revenue share of premium appliances to 30% and to increase the sales outside Europe to 14% by 2020, with the Asko brand being the key driver to achieve these targets. «People are falling back on traditional values – explained Matteo Camesasca, division executive director at Asko – and are staying at home more often, thereby setting a higher standard for their interiors. They have a preference for quality, calmness, beauty and humanity. Scandinavian design has all these qualities. Asko appliances are crafted with passion for detail to deliver performance and precision. Functionality and durability inspired by professional use and expertise to enrich people’s lives. Craftsmanship is our nature and the secret to success.» With the introduction of Asko in France, Italy (it was presented at EuroCucina 2016) and Latin America, the brand is now available in over 30 markets. More than 50% of the Asko sales is coming from outside Europe. In 2016, Asko expects a sales growth of 14%, with a growth of 24% in cooking appliances.