Created the European Energy Efficiency Platform



An European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P) has been set up to provide an area within data and analysis on energy efficiency policy can be obtained. Notably, the platform also provides a series of collaborative tools to help feed the Platform with analysis and information, such as: a Data hub that provides community-driven datasets; a WikEE: a place where the energy efficiency community can contribute articles and therefore bring together knowledge, data and expertise on energy efficiency; a community: where specific energy efficiency topics can be discussed within working groups; a Call: to help develop specific needed data, content or expertise through the publication of a “Call”.
Energy efficiency remains one of the most important theme about Ceced is working. According to Paolo Falcioni, Ceced Europe director general: «Policy should assess the benefit of replacing old and inefficient installed home appliances and help capture the highly energy efficient technologies that are available to today’s consumers. They should not only look at the benefit in energy saving but also at the overall life-cycle impact».