Snaidero celebrates its 70th birthday



This year Snaidero will be celebrating its 70th birthday. Some of the most representative kitchens of the Italian company will be displayed during the next edition of Eurocucina, where the models of Icona, Sistema and Everyone collections will be protagonist. Snaidero will present four new Icona models and the Look, Opera and Way models of the Sistema Collection. Sistema includes an assortment of kitchens specially designed for customers seeking customized and practical solutions: balance and sound sense lie at the heart of this collection that offers a wide range of models with a wide range of materials and solutions. The one common thread running through Look, Opera and Way kitchens is the ease with which units can be fitted together in different ways and the wide range of materials used, meaning they are consumer-friendly and reach out to multiple tastes and pockets. Snaidero’s Everyone collection, finally, encapsulates new versatility and is particularly aimed at young homeowners by offering excellent value for money and solutions which break the design barriers and free up kitchen space. The new First model from this collection will be making its début at Eurocucina in an utterly innovative setting conceived for a young first-time buyer.