Leaders’ concerns have grown


PWCPwC has published its annual global CEO survey to analyze the most common trends in the top management strategies for the next future. The managers’ answers of this 19th edition underline many concerns about the geopolitical uncertainty and threats to business growth. The level of worry is higher today than at any point in the past five years. Concern about over-regulation in particular is still highest, cited by 79% of CEOs – making it the fourth year in a row that it’s risen. Geopolitical uncertainty, meanwhile, has become the second biggest concern, cited by 74% of business leaders. Cyber security is also a worry for 61% of CEOs, representing as it does threats to both national and commercial interests. So, the leaders confidence about their own company’s prospects for revenue growth in the coming year has also fallen, though not to the same extent as confidence about the world economy. Thirty-five percent of CEOs are ‘very confident’ about short-term business growth compared to 39% last year.