The Miele’s solution for vacuum-sealing



A new practical and efficient solution has been proposed by Miele. It is a built-in vacuum-sealing drawer and a steam oven, combined together to offer consumers the access to the full range of applications in the convenience of their own homes. Vacuum-sealing is a tried-and-tested method of extending the freshness of food and of portioning larger quantities. Sous-vide cooking, French for ‘vacuum’, is the term given to a method of food preparation in which vacuum-packed food in plastic bags is cooked at low, steadily maintained temperatures over an extended period of time.
The vacuum-sealing drawer conforms to the design of Miele’s Generation 6000 built-in appliances and is, from the outside, hard to tell apart from a Miele warmer drawer. With a fascia height of only 14 cm, this product ideally combines with various compact units to fill a classic 60 cm recess. The vacuum chamber only becomes visible when the drawer is opened.