Tubes: add-On displayed in the Venice Biennale


Add_On_Tubes_0134_HRThe add-On radiator is a very refined object that makes it a sort of furniture element. It is one of the proposals of Tubes, Italian company specialized in the creation of heating products with original and sophisticate shapes. This is why until November 22 add-On is on display in an exhibition dedicated to the theme ‘”the art of making” at the Venice Pavilion, in the context of the International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. Add_On_Tubes_1135_HR

Add-On presents a new flexible concept of heating because it can be installed in different way, according with the environment needs and users’ tastes. It can form a square, a rectangle or compose other free shapes. With a special support the model can also become a divider element. The elegant and original design of add-On has already been recognized with the Red Dot Design Award.